Wednesday, June 12, 2013

Professional Conversations: 3rd Annual #cyberPD

It started a few years ago when Jill Fisch, Laura Komos, and I were comparing all the similar books in our book stacks.  We decided it would be interesting to talk about the books together so we chose a common title, found some willing colleagues, and changed the way we learn --- #cyberPD was born.  Since then we've enjoyed not only the conversations during #cyberPD, but the supportive community it creates that helps us along the way to implement changes.

This year we're excited about our 3rd Annual #cyberPD event that will take place in July.  We're hoping you'll join us, and start today by posting your list of professional books in your "to be read" pile.  We'll look across the lists and choose a title we see often and know will work for a collaborative discussion.

Share Your Stack
Today you can share your summer professional reading stack by:

  • taking a picture and tweeting it with the hashtag #cyberPD
  • leaving professional titles you plan to read in the comments section on one of our blogs
  • writing a post for your blog  
  • actually, any way you can get your list to us will help it be considered in our decision making for July's event.  
Follow the hashtag #cyberPD for the book we'll focus our conversation around in July.  

My Stack
I'm afraid to see the stacks of others as I don't need to add one other book to my list.  Looking at the books I hope to read I know it will be nearly impossible to read them all during the summer --- especially if I hope to pause to consider the changes I need to make as a result of new thinking.  I think I'd have to read nearly one a week to get done by the end of summer (and I have a little pleasure reading planned too).  Wish me luck! 

I prefer to read books on my Kindle so I have many e-copies and had to figure out a way to show them.  I decided to build my stack on Shelfari and snap a photo.  

Here's my list:
My Plan to Read Stack

I guess that's my top 10!  This doesn't include the books I hope to revisit like Assessment in Perspective, Math Exchanges, A Place of Wonder, and Opening Minds.  It doesn't include the books I hope to spend time with as I plan such as Teaching Student Center Mathematics, The Common Core Writing Book & Lesson Book, and many nonfiction professional texts.  

Yep, I think I need to prioritize.  That's where all of you come in as I know you'll help guide me to the one I most need to study --- really study.  I know together we'll find the title that I will learn more by chatting with everyone across blogs in July.

July's #cyberPD Event will take place on Wednesdays in July (3, 10, 17).  Stay tuned!  We can't wait!  Hope you're joining us!  


  1. Ok-get ready to laugh because I have the king of all stacks!! I honestly don't expect to read or even browse ALL of these, but I gathered them all together to get organized for future reference.

    Of course, I would be GLAD to add another one to my pile if y'all so choose-I mean WHY NOT? :)

    I'm implementing reading/writing(sort of on the writing) workshop for the 1st time ever so....



  2. My post is up already / I know it's a shock that I have writing done on time! After seeing your list, I realize I forgot to add as a reread -- I See What You Mean. Lots of great choices. Here is my post:
    Let the fun begin!!

  3. I linked up with twitter, Cathy, but didn't know if I was supposed to link here too. Your list looks great. I would put Book Love at the top-wonderful! Here's mine:

  4. I loved Smarter Charts. I just finished it last week. (I just ordered 7 professional books from Amazon and Barnes and Noble, and that's not counting the stack that I own that still needs my attention.)
    ❀ Tammy
    Forever in First

  5. Thanks for sucking me back into to another round of #cyberPD
    Looking forward to my assignment.

  6. So happy to see this event again!!!
    Here is my next stack...

    Thanks for organizing!

  7. Reading with Meaning Second Edition

  8. I just received Assessment in Perspective in the mail from your blog tour. Thanks! So that is definitely on my list. I also have Notice and Note and What Readers Really Do by Barnhouse and Vinton. I want to reread some parts of Pathways to the Common Core and Real Revision by Kate Messner. Last year I followed along with #cyberpd but didn't participate. This year I'm hoping to actively participate!

  9. Ordering Penny Kittle's Book Love and the new edition of Donald Graves's Children Want to Write this weekend. Also hoping to read How Children Succeed by Paul Tough.

  10. I'm Here, I am Finally Here! I am happy to be joining the 3rd annual #cyberPD!

    Thanks for hoisting

  11. Well, I'm a day late, but here I am. :) I came home from breakfast and got to it. Julie

  12. Can't wait to hear what you choose! I tweeted my stack but I can be persuaded to buy another!

  13. Donalyn would be proud of me. I began packing for my 3 weeks at mom's by choosing the books I would take! I've got three professional books traveling to CO with me: Franki's JOY OF PLANNING (guess I should finally really READ it!!), WHAT READERS REALLY DO (reread for staff book club), and NOTICE AND NOTE. Can't wait to see what you choose!