Saturday, June 15, 2013

#CyberPD Stack Awards

I tried to resist writing this post, but I just couldn't.  The #cyberPD book stacks were amazing, but I think a few deserve special recognition.  Here are my first ever #cyberPD stack awards:

Most Ambitious
This year's MOST AMBITIOUS award goes to Shannon Clark:  3rd Annual #cyberPD.  Look at this stack!  Wowza!!

Best Presentation
A little spine poetry, anyone?  I had to laugh as Annie Orsini rearranged her professional reading stack to create this spine poem.  The award for BEST PRESENTATION goes to, Annie:  

Brainiest Stack
This stack by Kristin Ahlerich had the most books about brain research, I believe.  Good luck, Kristin.   The BRAINIEST STACK award is given to Kristin:

First Professional Stack
Who was the fastest?  Lesa Haney.  The award for first posted goes to Lesa:

Other Stacks:  
Take a look at all of the professional reading stacks of participants, if you dare!  WARNING:  disable your one click purchase buttons.  

Take a look at the stacks.  Please let me know if I have forgotten you as I tried really hard not to miss anyone.  Also, a big thank you to everyone who shared titles and joined the conversation at #cyberPD. I enjoy learning with all of you.

Join us in July for #CyberPD as we discuss Alan November's book:  Who Owns the Learning.


  1. What a great idea to gather all of the stacks. I love being able to scroll through them to find titles I want to add to my list - and there are so many this year. I love your awards - some of those same stacks really struck me, too.

    Thanks for gathering this all in one place for us.


  2. What? No award for who procrastinated the most? :)

  3. Love this, fun and informative! Nice to see so many great participants and great reads all in one place!