Thursday, November 1, 2018

Three Picture Books to Hope

A few years ago I stumbled upon this poem, Brave New Voices, by Aminah Iro and Hannah Halpern.  I'll let these brave voices speak for themselves.   

The last week has once again found me questioning the direction in which we are heading.  In times like these, I'm grateful for picture books that help me to hope.  (This trailer seems timely.)

Three Books of Hope
Come with Me by Holly McGhee and illustrated by Pascal Lemaître.  

A young girl learns how her part matters in the world.  

Three Ways You Might Use It
Community Conversations:  This book reminds that two people are stronger than one.  A great book for conversations about being our best selves in our communities.

Anchor Text:  This book provides opportunities for discussion of problem and solution.  It allows readers the opportunity to think what a character says and does to show change.

Mentor Text:  As a mentor text, this book offers an opportunity to see the way an author can weave a common phrase through a story to strengthen their message.

The Day You Begin by Jacqueline Woodson and illustrated by Rafael López. 

In this book, a young girl works to find her place in her classroom.  She doesn't see how her story fits in with those around her.  At first she remains quiet, but soon finds that sharing her story is the first step toward belonging.

Three Ways You Might Use It
Community Conversations:  This book allows opportunities to talk about story, identity, and understanding the perspectives of others.  As the author says, "...where every friend has something a little like you - and something else so fabulously not quite like you at all."

Anchor Text:  Jacqueline Woodson crafts a beautiful message through making intentional decisions about the way to tell this story.  How does the author help us to get to know the challenges this character faces?

Mentor Text:  This book allows young authors the opportunity to look at the way little details can tell us more about the story.  She uses carefully selected details to create a sense of belonging.

Dreamers by Yuyi Morales.

This book tells of the journey of a mother and child who take tremendous risk to follow their dreams and seek something more.  It tells the story of immigrants who hope to find a new life and the power of books in achieving the unimaginable.

Three Ways You Might Use It
Community Conversations:  This book opens conversation for taking risks and following dreams.  It also allows the opportunity to see the challenge of starting in a new place.  It also helps to open the conversation for the way writing and reading help us to find our own voices.

Anchor Text:  This book provides an opportunity to talk about the challenges characters face and the ways they work to overcome them.

Mentor Text:  This book helps to show the way the careful selection of words can enhance a story.  Though the book is written in few lines, it tells a powerful story.  Additionally, the author's note in the back speaks to the stories behind our writing.

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