Tuesday, November 6, 2018

Hilliard U: A Great Day of Learning and Conversation

Today was Hilliard University.  It's always such a great day of learning and collaborating.  The only hard part is being everywhere!  There are so many interesting sessions that happen across the day as teachers share their passions and expertise.  Today I was lucky to spend the morning with new teachers in our district talking about shared reading with Nicolette Landon and Andrea Waselko.  Lots of great questions and plenty to think about.

Later in the day, I was able to join Danielle White and Claudette Mullins to talk about author studies.  We shared ideas around author studies in a Padlet.  This allowed us to share information but, more importantly, get information from other participants in the session.  This way of crowd-sourcing expertise added a layer to the conversation.  Please feel free to add to the Padlet.   In this session we discussed

  • benefits for literacy learners
  • what readers can learn
  • what writers can learn
  • ideas for planning and digging deeper 
  • possible authors for deeper study (included many conversations around digital connections) 

Power Up with Author Studies
Made with Padlet

Later that day, I had the opportunity to join Tonya Buelow to talk about classroom libraries.  I always learn something when I listen to Tonya and loved this quote she shared from Stephanie Harvey and Annie Ward, "Build a library for the readers you expect; customize it for the readers you meet.”  From Striving to Thriving: How to Grow Confident, Capable Readers. Here's the resources we shared today:

Classroom Library Reboot

Thank you to everyone who joined the conversations.  Your participation in the conversation really took these topics deeper.

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