Monday, June 2, 2014

Summer #cyberPD: Call for Professional Stacks

It's almost time for the 4th Annual #cyberPD event.  In 2011, Laura Komos, Jill Fisch, and I decided to start an online collaborative book talk with colleagues about a common professional read.  We were inspired by the power of the conversations across the event and the depth of learning so we have hosted #cyberPD each July to continue to grow as educators.  Each year the event has grown and the learning has helped us to improve our work as educators by considering the thinking of those participating.  The books ground our conversation, but the reflections exponentially grow our understandings.

Past #cyberPD Events

Share Your Stack
It's time to select the title for the July's #cyberPD event.  To do this, we'd like to peek into your professional book stacks to see what titles return across stacks.  This will help us to select our 2014 title.  We're hoping you will find the time (and we know how crazy busy it is) to share your stack.  You can:

  • tweet a picture of your stack with the hashtag #cyberPD
  • tweet favorite titles with the hashtag #cyberPD
  • write a blog post about your stack
  • find a convenient and/or creative way to share your summer professional reading list

Here are some of the 2013 professional reading stacks.

Anything goes!  

Stacks need to be tweeted at #cyberPD or linked to one of our blogs by Saturday, June 7th.  (You do not need to share a stack to join us in July.)

We'll be sharing the selected title, and the July event dates, on Sunday, June 8th.  We hope you'll join us.

My current professional summer reading stack:  "in progress"


  1. I'm hoping I'll be here to join you all Cathy, but am leaving July 19th for a family vacation. I'll keep watching to see what date you choose. I'm going to All-Write & hoped to pick up a few new titles there. I'm interested in ReadWriteTeach by Linda Rief.

  2. I just posted about this today. I have a picture of my "short stack" for this summer. Would love to participate! I will also tweet my picture.