Friday, June 12, 2015

A Special Request to Past #cyberPD Participants

As many of you know, Laura Komos, Michelle Nero, and I will be hosting a virtual book talk, #cyberPD, during the month of July.  The group will be discussing Digital Reading:  What's Essential by Franki Sibberson and Bill Bass.  (You can join the community here.)

This is the fifth year for this virtual learning experience.  In the past, participants have linked to a host blog and then all posts were placed in Jog the Web to keep them in a magazine-like format.  Well, as many of you know, Jog the Web is no longer.  This means we have lost all of past #cyberPD reflections and conversation.

Each year as we talk about a book I'm struck by how much reading the reflections of other participants pushes my thinking about the author's message.  People respond from their personal perspectives and experiences, often shedding new light on important subjects.  My understanding grows exponentially because of the thinking of others in the group.

We're hoping those of you who have participated in past events will go into our Google Community and link your previous posts in the coming days.  We feel that many of your posts were so thoughtfully written that others can gain from your perspective.

If you've participated in the past, you simply need to...

Go to the #cyberPD Google Community:

Click the tab to the current event:  (If you're adding a post from the year we discussed Conferring, for example, then click the Conferring tab.)

Then write your post and add your link.

That's it!  You're done.

I know the end of the school year is busy for everyone (and I also know not everyone is at the end of their school year), but I hope as you find time you'll go back and add your contribution.

If you've participated in the past, I'd also love for you to leave some feedback in the comments.  Michelle, Laura, and I are wondering what you've loved about this event.  What keeps bringing you back?  Do you have suggestions for improvement?  I hope you'll share your thoughts --- and your past posts.  We have so appreciated your contributions to this event.

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  1. Wonderful idea, Cathy, will try to do some time today or tomorrow-still writing evals! I may get the book's kindle this time!