Sunday, June 21, 2015

Digilit Sunday: MobileMonet

I often like to use images when composing.  In poetry, essay, and other writing forms I find adding digital images can create mood, help readers know more, and make a piece more visually appealing.  Using my own photos makes it easier to get just the right image for my message and keeps me from having to search for correctly copyrighted work.

As a blogger I rely on digital images to help create interest in a piece so having ways to play with images to make them stronger is something I like to be able to do.  I am always on the lookout for photo apps that help me to work in new ways.  Recently I stumbled upon MobileMonet.  I have been playing with it and love the artistic look it gives an image.  I think it will be perfect for creating images for poetry and changing the look of a picture for blog posts.

MobileMonet is easy to use.  You import your picture, choose the best artistic look  for your photo, and save to the location of your choice.  MobileMonet shares easily with many social media applications.  

Here are a few before and after images:

The app is $1.99.  I rarely pay for an app - I'm cheap like that.  This app was worth every penny.

As part of a continuous collaboration among educators interested in digital learningMargaret Simon hosts a weekly Digital Learning round-up on her blog:  DigiLit Sunday.  Stop by Reflections on the Teche (today's link-up) to read, discover, and link.  

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