Thursday, January 8, 2015

Oops! Does That App Have a Cloud?

Some lessons are learned the hard way.  I remember when I first started using a computer and had to learn the stop and save lesson.  Now most programs automagically save as you go.  Of course, new problems.

Recently I had to take my iPad back to factory settings.  Yes, you all know where this is going.  All the way back to factory settings.  No problem, I thought.  I have my pictures backed up, my music is on iTunes, and my contacts live in the cloud.  You'd think this might have a happy ending, but it doesn't.

You know all of those applications.  All of those applications I love to play with every day.  They don't all have a cloud.  As the days and weeks pass I discover more and more that I lost forever.  My Photo365 calendar - gone.  The inventory of my picture books painstakingly typed into BooksApp.  Goodbye.  Yep, never to be found again.  Perhaps the worst loss, you guessed it, those digital notebooks in Noteshelf.

The moral of the story.  If you buy an app that is saving important information, make sure the information lives in the cloud.

Of course, I'm hoping someone will read this and tell me about some magical fix I have yet to find, but for now I'm reconsidering paper and giving more respect to "the cloud".

A side note:  It seems Photo365 has a cloud option so I'm trying to play with that.  Also, Noteshelf can be shared with Evernote by purchasing another application.  I'm giving that a try too.  Of course, I'd love any suggestions you have or applications that automagically back up.  


  1. Yikes. Thanks for an important reminder!

  2. Ouch. It sounds horrible and I'm still wondering why you had to go back to factory settings. Why might that happen?

  3. I didn't know about the cloud and how important it is! Thank you!