Sunday, January 4, 2015

Canva for Design

It's DigiLit Sunday.  Stop by Reflections on the Teche to link and find other posts about digital literacy.  Thanks, Margaret, for hosting.  #K6diglit

Lately, I've had a few projects I've wanted to create, but haven't really found a smart - and easy - way to design my own work.  I have wanted something that allows me to use my own photos, flexibly add text, and easily share with others.  I've tried some of the photo apps, but have found them to be very limited in ability and hard to use --- and don't get me started on "in app purchases".  Then Julie Johnson told me about Canva.  I think I may have found my new design app.

Canva allows you to pick the size of your design, add your own images or use images already available in the application.  It's easy to add text and changing the color or font is a snap.  There are many choices for your layout and changing backgrounds is effortless.  The search makes finding things on Canva easy to do.

Canva is a social networking design tool.  It's easy to see the designs of friends and other users.  It works with social media allowing you to share with Pinterest, Facebook, and Twitter.  I have not found the share feature to be quite as smooth as the application itself, but I'm just learning Canva so it's likely user error.

Julie tells me Canva has a Design School and suggests checking it out.  Our internet is limited so I'll have to save that for a day at the coffee shop, but I look forward to going to design school to learn more that I can do.

So far, I've created this quote pic:

and a new Facebook cover page:

Thanks, Julie!  I can't wait to spend some more time with Canva.  #playtolearn 


  1. I tried a very quick canva today for my #nerdlution post.

    I think I saw a tweet you sent out.
    So thanks to you and Julie! I love what you've done here. I need to spend more time with this one!!

  2. Very cool. I must check this out. I've been wanting to make quote boxes on photos and couldn't figure out how people do them in PowerPoint or KeyNote. Thanks!

  3. Wow, Cathy. I have more exploring to do with Canva. I've made a few, but I love how you used quotes. Gives me an idea to try with students. Favorite quotes bulletin board.
    Thanks for joining the DigiLit link up today.

  4. Leave it to you to find the social network piece. :) I hadn't even seen that. Now that I'm learning so much about design, it makes me want to tackle the design of my blog! Yikes!! I'm glad you like it and thanks for teaching me how to follow others.

  5. Hi Cathy, I am also a big Canva fan. I've created several visuals for school and for my blog. One of my teachers used it for a culminating project for a health unit.

  6. It is very cool that you are using Canva successfully. I felt that I have had more success with PicMonkey but now I want to try Canva's Design School and create a Facebook page image. Thanks for the information, Cathy. I think you are ready to find your winter whispering and design it using Canva.

  7. Fun new app to try AND a day off to play with it a bit! YAY! Thanks!!