Tuesday, January 10, 2012

One Cool Friend

Talk about a timely post.  One Cool Friend by Toni Buzzeo and illustrated by David Small was released today.  I picked up an ARC of the picture book while at NCTE in Chicago.

This book is a fun story to read.  I am pretty sure it is a lesson for parents about why it is important to listen.  In this story Elliot's father takes him to the aquarium for family fun day.  Upon arrival at the aquarium Elliot's father sits down to read his magazine and sends Elliot off to "have some fun" by himself.

Elliot doesn't go to the exhibits everyone else loves, instead he visits the penguins and finds them delightful.  He asks his father if he can have a penguin.  His father looks at sign advertising "Today's Special Plush Penguins $19.95," and hands Elliot money.  However it wasn't a plush penguin Elliot wanted for a friend, but instead a real penguin from the aquarium.

Elliot brings his penguin, Magellan, home and works to make him comfortable while keeping his father from knowing about his new friend.  Fortunately for Elliot, his father is not very observant.  Young readers will enjoy all the ways Elliot works to make his penguin friend feel at home.  Finally it is time for Magellan to take a swim in the tub.  When Elliot's father goes to take a bath and finds Magellan swimming you won't believe what happens.

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  1. Read this book to my class today and found it adorable! I have to admit, the kids got the ending before I did! Oh, the benefit of being able to see the pictures while reading...something that I missed as I was reading TO the class! FUN book!