Sunday, January 8, 2012

Moo Hoo: A Story of Friendship

Every year our guidance counselor spends time in our classrooms talking about a green circle and friendship.  Honestly it is one of my favorite lessons she shares.  The green circle represents our circle of caring.  It represents friends and family.  The people we care about, and the people who care about us, are a part of our circle.  The circle represents the friends we have at school, in our neighborhoods, and in other parts of our lives.  She talks about how we want to keep growing our green circle by making new friends and not leaving others out.

I think she'll want to take a look at this new book about friendship published by Walker and Company, a division of Bloomsbury Publishing.  I happily received this ARC while visiting Bloomsbury at NCTE in Chicago.  It is scheduled to arrive April 10th, 2012. Moo Hoo written by Candance Ryan and illustrated by Mike Lowery is a story of two great friends, Cow and Owl.  Cow and Owl love to do everything together.  They play together, fix things together, and go places together.  Then one day Kangaroo shows up.  Kangaroo wants to join the fun, but Owl and Cow aren't sure they like the idea.  Will Kangaroo ever be let into the "green circles" of Owl and Cow?  Will they be friends?  You'll have to read to find out.  Hint:  I like happy endings.

Kids will enjoy listening to this story.  The words rhyme and have a rhythm which helps to make the story perfect for reading aloud.  The illustrations focus on the characters and help to show the friendship between Cow and Owl, as well as the uncertainty of adding a Roo to the equation.

When I read this story I couldn't help but think about Chester's Way by Kevin Henkes, and I'm sure my students will pick up this connection quickly too.  Chester and Wilson, Wilson and Chester, two friends who do EVERYTHING together.  They are, as the parents in the book say, two peas in a pod.  Then one day Lily comes along.  Lily has her own way of doing things.  Will these three be friends?  These two books would make a great pair for building community and talking about friendship.

You can read more about Moo Hoo at Mandy's blog:  Enjoy and Embrace Learning.

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  1. Terrific ideas for talk about friendship and all that it might mean, especially at school. Thanks for the telling!