Friday, February 10, 2017

10 Nonfiction Picture Books of Promise for Our World #nf10for10

Today's the day for our nonfiction picture book event:  #nf10for10.  This is our 5th annual nonfiction event.  In the past Mandy Robek of Enjoy and Embrace Learning, Julie Balen of Write at the Edge, and I have cohosted this event.  Again this year all activity will be collected on our Picture Book 10 for 10 Community.  Stop by to read, share your favorites, and/or link up.

Ways to participate:

10 Nonfiction Picture Books 
In previous nonfiction events, I've shared:

My 2017 List:  10 Nonfiction Picture Books of Promise for Our World
In school, we often talk about our 20 square feet.  If we each take care of our own 20 square feet, we can help the world be a better place.  However, the world is much bigger than our 20 square feet.  Here are books that remind us of our obligation to make the world a better place.

We can make a difference.
The Water Princess, written by Susan Verde and illustrated by Peter Reynolds.

We can share our gifts with others.
Radiant Child by Javaka Steptoe.

We can bravely speak against injustice.
Iqbal:  A Brave Boy from Pakistan, Malala:  A Brave Girl from Pakistan by Jeanette Winter.

We can stand for equality.
The Youngest Marcher, written by Cynthia Levinson and illustrated by Vanessa Brantley Newton.  

We can raise our voice.
I Dissent:  Ruth Bader Ginsburg Makes Her Mark, written by Debbie Levy and illustrated by Elizabeth Baddeley.

We can take care of our beautiful earth.
The Earth Book by Todd Parr.

We can reuse items in new ways.
Ada's Violin:  The Story of the Recycled Orchestra of Paraguay, written by Susan Hood and illustrated by Sally Wern Comport.

We can protect our endangered species.
Animals by the Numbers by Steve Jenkins.

We can help care for our oceans. 
Smart About Sharks by Owen Davey.  Kids will enjoy this book full of information about sharks.  The book ends with ways to help keep oceans healthy.

We can respect the delicate balance of life.  
No Monkeys, No Chocolate, written by Melissa Stewart, Allen Young, and illustrated by Nicole Wong.


  1. WHOA HOO! You got your post done! I love The Earth Book but the others I've seen a few times today and are ones I must check out. I love your theme and co-hosting this event with you!

  2. I posted for a similar reason, to know the wonder of many things in our world. It was hard to choose, wasn't it? I love The Water Princess and Ada's Violin. They are such inspirational stories. Thanks for hosting, Cathy and for sharing these titles!

  3. What an inspirational theme full of thought-provoking and beautiful books. I need to read Smart About Sharks - it looks gorgeous!

  4. These are awesome books! I tried to get my hands on the youngest marcher recently, but wasn't able to get it in time for my list. I also adored the Water Princess. We read that after reading the middle grade book "A Long Walk to Water." I Dissent is also probably one of my absolute favorites and my girls adored it too!

  5. I love so many of these titles and feel honoured to share them in my classroom. Smart about Sharks is on my wishlist!

    1. And can I also say how much I love these We . . . statements!

  6. I love most everything published by Flying Eye in London. Will add Smart about Sharks to my list. I also am intrigued by Water Princess. Thanks:)

  7. Such a powerful way to organize texts - Can't wait to share these texts during an opinion unit of study. These books can help children see what they can do change the world.

  8. What a terrific list to share with teachers and kids! Thank you!

  9. I bought The Earth Book! Thank you!

  10. I'm especially very excited to read An Smart About Sharks by Owen Davey! thank for sharing