Sunday, May 20, 2018

Share Your Summer Professional Reading Stack #cyberPD

The time between the end of one school year and the beginning of another always gives me an opportunity to catch up with professional reading.  There are many titles out that I want to read over the summer and always a few I hope to revisit.  As usual, my list is more ambitious than the time I am likely to have.  In addition to professional books I'd like to read, there are middle-grade books, picture books and self-improvement books.  Of course, it is summer so I'll have to sprinkle in a little fiction as well.  ;o)

Making a plan and getting the books read is always the challenge.  Thankfully, #cyberPD will bring some focus to my world mid-summer.  As you may have read last week, it's time to share our stacks for #cyberPD.  #cyberPD is a virtual book talk that takes place each summer.  The #cyberPD community shares their book stacks in May, a book is selected at the beginning of June, and in July we all come together to read and discuss the books across Twitter, blogs, and our Google Community (you can find out more there).

Here is my book stack of new professional reading for summer.  There are some big questions I'm pondering over the summer that will take me back to some books I've loved, but these are the books I plan to read cover-to-cover.  Of course, that's going to take a good plan and some strong self-discipline....and maybe a nice comfy spot on my patio.  I'm looking forward to seeing the books in the stacks of other community members.  Remember, our title for July's #cyberPD chat will be announced on June 2nd.  We want everyone to have plenty of time to purchase and plan.

Can't wait until our July conversation!!!!


  1. Love your stack, Cathy. I've already read five. Currently finishing Ellin Keene's new book on "Engaging Kids". The four pillars seem promising to consider a better understanding of engagement. Also reading Yate's and Nosek's "To Know and Nurture a Reader". 2018 is definitely the year of great professional books!

  2. Great stack! Several of these will be in mine too. I'm mostly focused on reading PD this summer since I am prepping a new course for preservice teachers on the Theory & Practice of Teaching Reading.