Sunday, March 30, 2014

Poetry Love

It's almost here!  April is National Poetry Month.  Now, if you're like me, there's nothing like poetry all year long, but there's something about the arrival of spring, the warmer air, the independence of the learners in my room at this point in the year that makes me shout POETRY!

Tonight's #titletalk was about poetry and has me ready for April.

Getting Started
Here are a few things to kick off our #poetrylove this month.

Community Poem
We kicked things off before spring break with a shared poem about spring.  Everyone contributed a line to our poem and then we worked to put them in an arrangement to form our community poem.

Tomorrow is Betsy's Chalk-a-Bration.  The cold cold, eternally cold, bitter cold, never ending cold has kept us from getting outside to chalk.  My fingers are crossed that tomorrow we can find some time to chalk a poem.  Let's hope it will be warm enough.  Come on, Spring!  

Place a Poem
Next week we'll be adding poems around the building.  As students create poems about places and things that are a part of our school, we'll hang them right where they belong.

Poetry Resources
Poetry:  My Pinterest board of favorite poetry books for students.
Nonfiction Poetry:  My Pinterest board of favorite nonfiction poetry books for students.
I Can Read It:  Poetry Books for Primary Readers  Another Pinterest collection.
Poetry:  My Pinterest collection of electric resources and mentor poems.
Professional Books About Teaching Poetry
Poems:  Mentor Texts for Young Writers


  1. One of our classes always writes poems for all over the school, & for all the 'extra' staff, & we have such fun reading them. Love your post, Cathy. Happy April Poetry!

  2. Cathy,
    I love the idea of creating a classroom community poem. I hope to try that in my kindergarten class. I wanted to ask you about Evernote. I know I have read post/articles you have written about using Evernote in the classroom. Did you buy an account or use the free version? How many work samples do you end up, uploading? I have been playing around with it, and thinking up upgrading but not sure. Do you ever record kids reading and pass it on to the next's years teacher?
    If you do use the paid version, what do you think the benefits are? Thanks so much. Melissa