Monday, January 6, 2014

The Lighter Side: Twitter Stays

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by Geek and Poke
As the calendar turns to 2014, everyone is busy thinking of new things they will do or changes they will make to become a better person.  I too fell to the pressure with One Little Word.  However, I plan to also remember to continue the parts of life that work well for me.  Instead of making "To Do" lists, it feels better to make "Today I did" lists.  Reading 50 minutes of fiction each night is pretty relaxing (and usually ends up to be more than 50 minutes) - #nerdlution.  Publishing at least one time each week on my blogs is doable.

Another part of my world I want to continue is using Twitter to share, learn, and collaborate.  You know I have an addiction as I've written about Twitter a lot.  At least it's an addiction that helps me to learn and grow in my profession.  When I stopped by Amy Rudd's blog and found her 10 top tweets for 2013, I thought I'd check mine out as well.  Here they are:

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