Saturday, February 23, 2013

Dublin Literacy Conference

Dublin Literacy Conference
Today is the Dublin Literacy.  It is truly my favorite conference as it is reasonably priced, full of great speakers, and the perfect place to connect with so many smart educators.  The conversations in the halls are as thought provoking as the speakers who share with us.  This year I am presenting in two sessions. You'll find the resources here:

Supporting Primary Nonfiction Literacy Learners

The new Common Core has created much conversation about nonfiction. Nonfiction is a big part of our reading lives. The structures of nonfiction can by various and challenging for young readers. How do we help young literacy learners navigate nonfiction? In this session, Mandy and I will take a look at the Common Core and share ways to weave nonfiction into our classroom communities.

Session A7 (10:30)  Room B172  Mandy Robek and I

Looking for nonfiction?
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Using Evernote to Capture Literacy Learning

In education today it is more important than ever to document student learning.  Formative assessment, observation notes, and work samples which illustrate a student's learning journey are essential in planning, monitoring growth, collaborating with support staff, and keeping parents informed.  "Kidwatching," a term coined by Ken & Yetta Goodman, can be captured using Web 2.0 tools.  Evernote allows audio recording, capturing snapshots, written notes when conferring, tagging, sorting, and much more.  

Session  B16  (11:30)   Room B156   Deb Frazier, Karen Terlecky and I

Looking for resources?
Get started:  Capturing Student Learning Journeys


  1. I loved my conference a few weeks ago-hope you have a great time. Thanks for the 'jog', Cathy.

  2. You were a busy lady today. I hope it all went well. I missed not being there. :)