Sunday, January 27, 2013

If You Liked Danny, Meet Lucky

Sometimes the Reading Recovery teacher in me, from years long ago, just creeps back into my life.  This was the case when I stumbled upon the book, "A Lucky Pony," by Mia Coulton.  I was familiar with the Danny books published by Mary Ruth Books from my years as a Reading Recovery teacher.  My students always enjoyed the books about Danny, and were delighted as the collection grew.

I'll be honest, I'm easily pulled into books by characters.  Like my students, I enjoy seeing characters return across multiple titles.  Who can resist Ladybug Girl, Bear, Marley, Tacky, or the myriad of other characters who return in picture book after picture book?   Thankfully many of the texts designed to support young readers also have characters that return in stories across our collection.  My students enjoy Baby Bear, Ben, Mr. Cricket, The Meanies, Tom, Mrs. Wishy-Washy, and many more.

Lucky is a must have for any character collection.  My class particularly enjoyed "A Bath for Lucky."  In this story, Kate tries to give Lucky a bath.  Lucky isn't crazy about the idea and tries to hide in a variety of places, but being a horse doesn't make it easy to hide.  Finally Kate tricks Lucky into getting a bath, but Lucky gets the last laugh.  Students enjoyed the photographs used to help tell this funny story about giving a horse a bath.  The vocabulary is a bit controlled as is the case with many early books for young readers, but the story is interesting.  If your class loves fun characters, you'll want to check it out.

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