Thursday, July 21, 2011

Let's Chat About Conferring with Patrick Allen

The Conversation End (or begins?)
It's been a great three weeks of #cyberPD.  When I placed Conferring:  The Keystone of Reader's Workshop in my summer reading pile I knew I needed to read this book to think more carefully about conferring with young readers.  What I did not know was that I would find a group of educators who also wanted to read the book and share our thinking across weeks of discussion.  Reading the book has taught me a lot, but reading everyone's reflections has exponentially increased my learning.  I have so much to think about as I begin conferring this school year.  Most of all, I think I've found a community of teachers to continue this discussion into the new school year.

A Chat with Patrick Allen
On Monday, July 25th at 7 PM MST (9PM EST), we will have the privilege of having author, Patrick Allen (@ColoReader), join us for a Twitter chat as we talk about conferring (#cyberPD).  If you notice he is typing slowly it is likely because he is wearing a sling from all of the arm twisting.  Actually, Patrick has been wonderful about agreeing to join us.  I know he's been quite busy this summer.  I think we've all felt like we've been spending our days with Patrick.  Perhaps Nicole says it best when she shares her sadness to see the conversation end.   However, I have a feeling the conversation is just beginning.

Twitter Chat #cyberPD 
Whether you've been posting away during this professional learning opportunity, reading and commenting along the way, or just want to join a live talk about conferring, I hope you'll join us in the Twitterverse Monday night.  Jill Fisch (@JillFisch), Laura Komos (@Komos72) and I (@CathyMere) will be moderating the discussion to keep it going.  (That will be new for me.  Should be interesting.)  If you're new to Twitter chats you can find more information about chatting at Cybraryman's website (@cybraryman1).  I am always happy to help.

To join the chat:

  • Go to Twitter on Monday, July 25th 7PM MST (9PM EST)
  • Type in the hashtag #cyberPD
  • When commenting make sure to include the hashtag #cyberPD to keep tweets grouped
Hope to see you then!


  1. Although I did not post during the three weeks, I've read all that was contributed. I'd just finished the book when you began the "book club." It was a great way to continue thinking.

    I'm not set up on Twitter. I was wondering if you could post a transcript of the discussion?

  2. Miss Moyer,
    I'm glad you have enjoyed the conversation. We are looking forward to chatting "realtime" Monday. My plan is to archive the conversation (keep your fingers crossed). Of course, we could maybe talk you into joining us on Twitter? **wink wink**