Friday, June 29, 2018

Are You Ready for #cyberPD?

I've got my book, and I'm ready to begin.  It's time, once again, to dive into #cyberPD.  #cyberPD takes place each year as the calendar turns to July.  For the month, our community reads and discusses the same professional book.  The book is divided into three sections.  The community reads one section each week.  After reading, participants share their reflections and then read and comment on the thinking of other participants.  Each year I'm amazed at how much I learn through the reflections of other educators in the community.  (You can find out more about #cyberPD here.)

Here are the books selected since 2011: 

In our eight years, our global community has grown from 15 to just over 500.   You'll find educators from a variety of positions who join the conversation.  The variety of experiences these educators bring to the conversation always opens my eyes to new ways of thinking.  I'm amazed each year by the way the community supports one another through this experience.  Participants not only read the book and share their thinking, but they take the time to reflect and comment on the thinking of others in the community.  

Here's the schedule for this year's conversation:  

How to Participate
  • Purchase the book (need it fast?  go digital)  
  • Join the #cyberPD Google Community to connect and receive updates 
  • Read the selected chapters each week beginning the week of July 1st
  • Respond digitally to each section at some point during the assigned week
  • Share or link your response in the Google Community:  2018 Being the Change  (you can also grow the conversation on Twitter using the hashtag #cyberPD)
  • Take time to reply to at least 3 participant responses

Ways to Share Your Reflections
  • Respond on your blog and link your post to the Google Community
  • Post your thinking directly in the #cyberPD Community as you post
  • Be creative.  There are many ways to link in the Google Community so feel free to try something new:  slides, infographics, ThingLink, video, etc.  (Oh, the possibilities...)
  • You can also share thoughts on Twitter using the hashtag #cyberPD 
  • I'll be trying to post a bit on Instagram using the #cyberPD hashtag (we'll see how that goes...)

2018 Links You Might Find Helpful
We know it is July.  Like us, you might have a vacation in the middle of the event, might be teaching some kind of summer school, or maybe you have family coming to visit; just make #cyberPD work for you.  The great thing about this event is that everyone shapes it to be what they need.  We hope you'll join us and help to grow our conversation.  

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