Saturday, October 28, 2017

Danger! New Books You Can't Miss

The problem with going around to fourteen different buildings, working with fourteen different literacy coaches, and having opportunities to meet with classroom teachers across our district is my book budget is a hot mess.  It's hard to go anywhere without seeing a book I just have to add to my list.  I may have to get a second job to support my book buying urge.

Here are a few titles that I had to get my hands on this week:

Solutions for Cold Feet by Carey Sookocheff.  Katie Sauer, a new first grade teacher in our district, handed this one to me and I fell in love with it right away.  The book has several problems we face and possible solutions.  This is such a fun read.  Each problem is introduced along with possible ways to solve it.  This would make a great mentor text for young writers, and the perfect book for talking about solving problems in our learning community.

Great Big Things by Kate Hoefler and Noah Klocek.  Kelly Hoenie, a literacy coach in our district, handed this one to me as I was on my way out the door.  She has a habit of keeping these tempting baskets of new books on a display in her room for others.  I try not to look.  I try not dive into new titles.  I just can never resist.  I'd almost managed to get out of her door on Friday, but then she pulled out this title and handed it to me.  How can you not love this one?  This small mouse walks for miles and miles, across all kinds of terrains, to carry a small crumb to a friend.  The illustrations are ah-maz-ing!  The language is beautiful.  The message is one that will melt your heart.

The Book of Gold by Bob Staake.  I stopped by to talk with one of the media specialists in our district, Stephanie Miles, and was handed another book I just have to have.  Maybe it was the beautiful retelling she did as she paged through the book.  Maybe it was the way she's mastered the art of raising and lowering her voice.  Maybe it was the way she wove the story from page to page making it impossible for me to not hear the end.  Maybe it was the amazing illustrations by Bob Staake. Maybe it was because it was about finding a well sought after book --- something as readers we all understand.  I don't know, but I loved this one!  I was spellbound.  In this book, a small child goes on a quest for a mysterious book:  The Book of Gold, but it turns out what he learns along the way matters most.

This Is How We Do It:  One Day in the Lives of Seven Kids from Around the World by Matt Lamothe.  I'm pretty sure this one made it into my hands thanks to another literacy coach in our district, Tonya Buelow.  I try to stay away from her room as she always has new books propped around the room to temp me.  In this case, she happened to see my son at a book sale and added this one to his stack for me.  How can you not just love learning about the lives of people around the world?

The Power of Moments:  Why Certain Experiences Have Extraordinary Impact by Chip Heath and Dan Heath.  This one was mentioned by Sharon Esswein, one of the teacher leaders in our district.  Sharon is full of wise words and I know when I'm talking with her two things will happen:  1)  I'll add at least one book to my list and 2) I'll have something new thing to think about (okay twenty new things).  She's currently reading this book so I added it to my list.  I've enjoyed every book she's suggested.  I know I can't go wrong.

You can see the challenge in the work I many books, so little time.  Wait, the challenge many books, so little book funds.  No wait, maybe the challenge many book-loving friends, so little willpower.  Maybe I'll win the lottery.



  1. And, like you, my list grows. The 2 chapter books are new to me, Cathy! I wanted to tell you that I just read The Book of Gold to my granddaughter and she got it, and we both loved it. I hope you share with lots of those lit coaches and teachers. It is a gem! Thanks for all!

  2. Heading to my library’s website now! Thanks for the suggestions

  3. I just put that first book on my library reserve! I love the idea of problems and solutions for children! Thanks for sharing what others are sharing with you!