Saturday, August 12, 2017

Books to Begin the Year

It was a little crazy at first.
Last week I spent some time with my son in his new classroom.  He wanted to organize his classroom library so we pulled all the books off the shelf and began to make a plan.  For me, I usually waver between two beginning of the year plans for my library:
  1. Mix the books up in baskets knowing that we will sort them as a community later.  This gives readers time to start to get to know books.  It is never long before someone can't find a book they are looking for so we have to make a plan.  Let the sorting begin!  This way is messy, but it never fails to create a library the kids will value.  (And books always seem to end up in the right places when they are put away.)
  2. Create some high-interest baskets to start the year.  Making a skeleton collection of baskets to begin the year can help students to see the possibilities for their library.  When I choose this start, I consider books students may have experienced in the previous year, high-interest topics, and some beginning of the year collections.  In this way, we grow the library from a seed instead of starting from scratch.
Both of these methods have proven successful.  We decided to start by looking for some common themes in the books he had in his classroom that kids might enjoy.  This started out to be a challenge, but when we shifted from the books to what we know kids will be interested in reading the process moved along quickly.  As we worked, I began to think about some of the books and collections I like to have at the start of the year for my students.  There's surely no "one right answer" here so I hope you'll share some of your favorites in the comments below.

Making Progress
My goals in the first weeks of school shape my library:
  1. Foster a reader's mindset. 
  2. Create shared community values and norms.
  3. Open the door to learning conversations.
  4. Make the community a risk-free place to try new learning.
  5. Get to know the students' interests and lives beyond the classroom.
Baskets that start the year:
Books About Reading 

Books to Begin The Year

Friendship Basket

You Can Do It

Laugh Out Loud

Taking Care of Each Other

My Story

Creating Collections
Around the Room
You Might Like

What are some of your favorite books and collections you have ready at the beginning of the year?  Please grow the conversation in the comments below.  


  1. What a lucky mom/son scenario. Wishing your son all the best and wishing you both a year filled with lots of learning, smiles and book love! He certainly has lots of ideas with pb10fpr10!!! ��❤️�� Always great suggestions. I'd add Family is a Family is a Family as a favorite read aloud for building commUNITY.

  2. Thank you for your pin boards. So helpful!