Saturday, July 9, 2016

DIY Literacy: #cyberPD Reflection Ch 1-2 +Bonus

It's time!  During the month of July the #cyberPD community is reading DIY Literacy:  Teaching Tools for Differentiation, Rigor and Independence by Kate Roberts and Maggie Roberts.  This week we're looking at chapters 1-2 and the bonus chapter.  I've been lurking this week as participants have posted their reflections.  As usual, I'm amazed by the variety, the different ways to think about what we've learned, and the tools that have been created as participants think through the process.  If you have read DIY Literacy, are reading DIY Literacy, or plan to read DIY Literacy you should stop by the community to check out the reflections.  It's honestly quite inspiring.

My Response 
My response includes a few key points from the chapter and an attempt to work through the tools in thinking about supporting students in the study of structures for writing.

Like many participants I wanted to try some new digital tools during this virtual chat.  For this response, I chose Flowvella and then put the presentation into Explain Everything.  On a side note, I attempt to work through the charts/notebook/progression/bookmarks.  I would likely have charts/notebooks/progressions as digital and thought the chart and notebook page would help a student select a strategy which would then be written on a post-it for the student to try.    

More About July's #cyberPD Event
Participants post weekly reflections in the Google Community.
Our Book Talk Schedule:
  • Week of July 3rd: Ch 1&2 Bonus 
  • Week of July 10th: Ch 3&4 Week of 
  • July 17th: Ch 5&6
Our Twitter Chat Schedule
  • Thursday, July 7th at 10 AM EST:  Ch 1&2 Bonus
  • Thursday, July 14 at 10 AM EST:  Ch 3&4
  • Thursday, July 21 at 10 AM EST:  Ch 5&6
  • Final chat week of July 24th (time and date TBA)


  1. I love your presentation! I am going back and forth between a digital notebook and a hand written one. I think I will probably land somewhere in the middle with digital things printed out and posted in my demo notebook, and a digital notebook full of pictures of handwritten stuff. I like the spontaneity of a handwritten one, and the durability of a digital one.

  2. The community is definitely inspiring! Big thanks to you, Laura, and Michelle for setting it all up! What I love is how everyone in the community shares such a variety of takes on what we read. It challenges us all to think in new ways! Even though we are teaching very different populations, we are all able to learn and be inspired by the ideas shared.
    I love seeing the tools you explored... you and I are working with very different populations yet I always gain inspiration from what I see you do. Your simple "icons/images" in your tools are great visual cues for your students.

  3. I liked your reflection. Great format! It has been wonderful being part of the conversation this week. I am learning so much from colleagues. I think it's important to jump in and try making the resources Kate and Maggie talk about. So many people in the community have done that.

  4. I am in awe of all the brilliant and creative ways people have found to model/reflect on their learning from these chapters. HOw fabulous is it when teachers can collaborate around the world. My school community has so much to learn about how to grow in the areas of literacy as professionals and with our work with students. I hope to be able to model and share this excitement as well as the resources

  5. Thanks for sharing! I love how you laid it all out for us on one page! It is great to see how these tools work together to help our students in such a concrete and complete way! Thanks!