Wednesday, November 12, 2014

Evernote Presentation for Conferences!

Oh, Evernote.  It just keeps on making me smile.  Who knew conference prep could be so easy?

Recently I heard about Evernote presentation mode.

From Evernote:


Since I use Evernote for just about everything, I wondered how I could use presentation mode....and then it was conference time.  (cue the music)

How to use Evernote presentation mode for conference time?

First I created a structure for my time in conferences.  I thought about what I wanted to share with parents and set up a structure like this:
  • student commentary
  • shifts in books since the beginning of the year
  • reading growth 
  • writing growth
  • assessment information
  • reading calendars 
  • strengths
  • next steps
  • helping at home *
  • class links *
* same across all notes

I then made topic headings and pulled in the pieces I knew would be consistent across conference notes.  When the note outline was created I then duplicated it and created one for each student.  Finally, I added examples of student responses to questions about their growth as a reader using audio, attached pictures of snippets of text and writing samples, created post-its listing strengths and next steps, and then linked to assessment and calendar information.  

After completing the note I was ready for conference conversations.  In the conference I just pulled up the conference note, switched to presentation mode, and began to chat.  It was easy to stay on track in the conference.  Smooth.

Here's how it worked:

Evernote.  Love it!

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