Sunday, December 1, 2013

What? There's a #NERDLUTION Happening?

I honestly tried to ignore the tweets as I read them between basting turkey and mashing potatoes.  I noticed the conversation between Franki Sibberson, Colby Sharp, Katherine Sokolowski, and Bill Bass grow as others joined.  I still tried to ignore it.   I added whip cream to my pumpkin pie and tried to pretend it wasn't happening.

Let's face it, the next few months are busy with extra commitments and preparation.  To add to that, it's winter here in Ohio and the hours of daylight are severely limited.  When I saw this tweet I clicked out of my Twitter feed and started humming a jaunty tune to distract myself:

For days, I pretended not to notice the conversation, but the conversation was growing and I knew my friends were right as usual;  I really needed to try to get some balance in my life.  It would be crazy to make this kind of commitment I thought, as I continued to "sort of" watch the tweets about the upcoming #nerdlution commitment.

Soon the blog posts started rolling into the #nerdlution feed....and maybe I read a few, but still I tried to pretend this wasn't something I needed to do.

  • Franki Sibberson is writing for 30 and running/walking for 20.  
  • Colby Sharp is committing to writing every day for 50 days.
  • Katherine Sokolowski is committing to writing and walking each day.  
  • Amy Rudd might be committing to 30 minutes of exercise and 20 of writing at The Rudder....and she is getting up crazy early in the morning to do it.
  • Joy Kerr will be reading.  
  • Cindy Minnich has made several goals for the next 50 days.  Stop by to cheer her on.

...and the list goes on and on.

Peer Pressure
So maybe I've started to fall to the pressure, but what will my goal be?  I have a million things I wish I would do better:  write daily, stay committed to my favorite blogging events (Poetry Friday, Slice of Life, Celebrations), read more fiction, stay caught up on the reading of blogs, comment on more of the blogs I visit, exercise, keep up with my friends....oh, the list goes on and on.


Trying to resist....



Read Fiction
I read a ton of things across my day:  blogs, nonfiction, professional books, news articles, and poetry.  I tend to read it short little pockets of time and choose reading I won't have trouble putting down.  Let's face it, it's hard to put down a fiction book when you are caught up in the story.  School keeps me busy and I have a hard time drawing a line between my personal time and the work I love.  So....I'm committing to reading fiction 50 minutes each day.  I know, you are all jealous of my goal.  I'm thinking finding this time will help me to relax during this busy time of year....and will help me develop a side of my reading life I need to grow.


  1. LOVE it. Like you, I read lots of things, but fiction sometimes gets lost in the shuffle. This sounds like a #nerdlution to get used to!

  2. Cath,
    I know you can do it! Glad you're joining in. I had an epiphany when I got my shower. The 50 minutes might be better quality if I write on the odd and exercise on the even! Still thinking on this!

  3. Fifty minutes of fiction sounds great! Over break I read ELEANOR AND PARK (YA), COUNTING BY 7'S, and ORPHAN TRAIN (adult). not sure I can pull that off during school. Trying to decide. Hmmmm. Can I do it? A poem a day??? Looking at my house, especially given that my crew just left, I'm thinking I should do 50 minutes of housework a day!

  4. It's interesting how we resist doing something daily that benefits us, isn't it? The "inner debate" you lay out here sounds pretty much like what I went through too. For the record, I think reading for joy is as important as running or writing every day:-) Good luck!

  5. A wonderful goal - I often try to get my reading in at end of night - and sleep wins. So I sneak in hours before everyone is up on the weekends! But reading fiction daily is so good for the soul! Enjoy!