Sunday, February 3, 2013

Join Us: Nonfiction Picture Book Event #nf10for10

Join us February 19th for this
nonfiction event.
As many of you know, for the last three years Mandy Robek, of Enjoy and Embrace Learning, and I have hosted an August picture book event.  Those who join the event share 10 picture books they just can't live without.  The result has been three amazing picture book resources:

Last August, Julie Balen of Write at the Edge, suggested a similar event featuring nonfiction might be fun.  Mandy and I are always up for a little challenge, and thought Julie was exactly right.  For some time now, publishers have been improving the nonfiction releases for young readers.  As educators, we are fortunate to have so many interesting nonfiction books to add to our classroom libraries.  Now, with the release of the Common Core, there is even more discussion focused around nonfiction.  

It has been six months since our picture book event.  Many of us are stuck inside as temperatures plummet and snow covers our roads.  We thought this might be the perfect time to talk about nonfiction.  There has certainly been a lot of banter about nonfiction on Twitter.  We're wondering what are the 10 nonfiction books you cannot live without in your classroom?  What books do your students love?  What nonfiction books would you suggest for other educators?  


Julie, Mandy and I are hosting a nonfiction picture book event.  
  • What:  10 nonfiction books you can't live without
  • Hashtag:  #nf10for10
  • Who:  Anyone interested --- educators, media specialists, librarians, parents, etc.  
  • When:  Tuesday, February 19th 
  • Where:  All posts will need to be linked here at Reflect and Refine on February 19th.  
Start creating stacks of your favorite nonfiction and consider the 10 nonfiction books you just couldn't live without.  On February 19th --- because as Mandy said, "9 favorite nonfiction books plus your 1 very favorite is 10" --- link your post to this blog.  (Yes, I teach first grade...I know that 1 is really a ten.  Bahahaha.  It's a stretch, but work with us here.)  I will then compile the posts into a Jog that will be a terrific nonfiction resource for everyone.  

We hope you'll join us!  


  1. What a FABULOUS idea! And so timely for me as I prepare a list of the best new NF to share at IRA in April!! Bring it on, folks! Give us the best of the best!!

  2. I am in! Can't wait to see whatever has as their "favorites" in nonfiction! Thanks for hosting! :)

  3. Great idea! I have a few in mind already!

  4. I am thinking about stashing some cash for this event! Looking forward to hearing everyone's list of favorite non-fiction picture books.

  5. Great idea! My list is already coming together.

  6. I AM SO EXCITED!!! Catching Readers will definitely play. Yahoo!

  7. I'm going to the Colorado IRA state conference this coming weekend & am focusing on non-fiction. I'll try to bring back some great titles. Thanks for doing this Cathy!

  8. Looking forward to this as well! I am starting my post tonight!

  9. This will be fun! Can't wait to see the books i will add to my collection! Amy- you have a good idea, start saving!
    Of course I will post my 1+9 too!

  10. Yes! Count me in!!! I did the 10 for10 for picture books last year with you and loved it! Looking forward to sharing great NF titles and learning about new ones!

  11. Fantastic idea! I'm in. Starting my post right now as narrowing it to 10 is going to be hard!

  12. My stack is narrowed down to 10 (almost, I might have been a bit sly…) here's my link!

    THANKS for hosting!

  13. I'm working on my post now -and trying to find titles that may not be on people's radar :)

    (Sorry, Maria. I tried to publish this from my phone and big fingers lost the comment instead. I copied it from email and reposted it with your URL. My apologies. I think I'm going to have to make a rule that I cannot approve comments from my phone.)

    1. Maria,
      I'm glad you are joining us! I look forward to reading about your selections.


    Hi Cathy,
    My link to my books is posted above. This was really fun. I learned about some new books that I had not yet read in my quest to find books about the topic of snow!

  15. Love this non-fiction party. We are starting a non-fiction writing unit.


  16. Thanks for hosting this nonfiction event. I'm in with a list of books chosen by my son, some of his favorites that he thinks other boys will enjoy.