Monday, May 28, 2012

Summer Professional Reading #cyberPD

It's hard to believe there are only 5 school days left until the end of the year.  I'm looking forward to some time to reenergize and dig into new learning.  I've already scheduled some summer professional development classes, have made tech plans, and have compiled my summer reading stack.

Today I'm sharing my reading stack along with Laura Komos at Our Camp Read-a-Lot and Jill Fisch at My Primary Passion.  With a break on the horizon the three of us our starting to plan another #cyberPD opportunity.  Last year's event was a great learning experience.

My Professional Reading Stack
This year I likely have an overly ambitious reading stack (my stack last year).  I'm not sure I'll quite make it through all of these, but I'm going to give it a try.

Habits of the Mind, Charles Duhigg
Thinking Fast and Slow, Daniel Kahneman
A Place for Wonder, Georgia Heard and Jennifer McDonough
Number Sense Routines, Jessica Shumway
Talk About Understanding:  Rethinking Classroom Talk to Enhance Comprehension, Ellin Keene
Small Steps, Big Changes:  Eight Essential Practices to Transform Schools Through Mathematics, Chris Confer and Marco Ramirez
I See What You Mean, Steve Moline
Pathways to the Common Core, Calkins, Ehrenworth & Lehman
Visible Learning for Teachers, John Hattie
Investigate the Number System:  Getting Started with Contexts for Learning Mathematics, Catherine Fosnot
Write Like This, Kelly Gallagher
Comprehension Going Forward, Keene et. al

What Are You Reading?
What's in your reading stack?  We'd love to know.  Feel free to post about your reading stack and link it to the comments below.  You can also tweet a picture if you'd prefer using the hashtag #cyberPD.  Laura, Jill, and I will soon be sharing more information about this year's #cyberPD learning opportunity.


  1. I loved #cyberPD last year, and I know you, Jill and Laura will host a great experience again. Now
    I need to go and collect all my PD books from around the house....

    1. Chris,
      I hope you'll share your list on your blog. I'd love to see what you have planned for the summer.

  2. Talk About Understanding by Elln Oliver Keene, lots of adolescent literature, and myriad technology sites that I've saved to look through over the summer! Enjoy!

  3. I'm thrilled you three have posted your 'summer reading' this weekend - it has helped me plan my stack. I am starting the summer trying to finish Opening Minds, Math Exchanges, and Comprehension Going Forward. (I always start books during a holiday, but the break is always over too quickly!)

    I purchased Talk About Understanding several weeks ago so it is on deck. However, now I'm contemplating adding one more title, I See What You Mean. Can't wait to follow the summer discussion.

    1. Mary,
      It's hard to keep up with reading during the school year. I'm always thankful for a break to dig into a few professional books that will help me rethink the work I do with young learners.

  4. A great list. I have not heard of many of these books which is great. I will make my summer reading list as I get closer to my summer vacation. I still have five more weeks of teaching.

  5. I've already started my summer reads with:
    The Art of Slow Reading: Six Time-Honored Practices for Engagement by Thomas Newkirk
    Literacy is Not Enough: 21st Century Fluencies for the Digital Age by Lee Crocket, Ian Jukes, Andrew Churches
    If you'd like to read about them, you can check my review at

    My others:
    Opening Minds by Peter Johnston
    Visible Learning for Teachers: Maximizing Impact on Learning by John Hattie
    The Book Whisperer by Donalyn Miller
    Talk about Understanding by Ellin Oliver Keens
    Digital Learning: Strengthening and Assessing 21st Century Skills bu Ferdi Serim
    Academic Conversations: Classroom Talk that Fosters Critical Thinking and Content Understandings by Jeff Zwier & Marie Crawford
    Teaching argument writing, grades 6-12 : supporting claims with relevant evidence and clear reasoning / George Hillocks, Jr.

    1. Suz,
      I think you made my stack even harder to manage. You have many great titles here. I've read some already, but see several I need to add to my list.


  6. Wow Cathy - quite an expansive list! I'm ready to finish "Pathways" (Calkins) and start reading Keene's book "Talk about Understanding" and also "Opening Minds" (Johnston).
    My focus is on literacy . . . looking forward to another great summer of learning and #cyberPD!!!

    1. Michelle,
      I think you are wise to focus your stack. I think I'd have to read a book a week to get through mine. It will be hard to take it all in that quickly. So many little time.

  7. Cathy,
    Another great list for summer reading. I am particularly interested in the book called Investigate the Number System. Let me know what you think of that one. Thanks.

  8. I'm in! My stack (both virtual on the Kindle and actual in my bag) is huge, but I'll do my best to read them all!

  9. Opening Minds is at the top of my professional reading list! I also want to finish reading...
    Pathways to the Common Core by Calkins
    Small Steps, Big Changes (math) by Chris Confer
    Side by Side: Short Takes on Best Practice by Heather Radar

    I want to reread...
    Comprehension and Collaboration: Inquiry Circles by Stephanie Harvey and Harvey

    Excited that you picked Opening Minds! Thanks for including us on your journey :)