Friday, October 21, 2011

Redefining Choice in the 21st Century

Students need opportunities for their writing to go forward and go public - to reach audiences outside the classroom and the school - so that they can then begin to see how their words truly affect the feelings, beliefs, and choices of other people in the community.  Ann Marie Corgill, Of Primary Importance (p. 23)
I think about these words of Ann Marie's often as children write in my classroom.  New technologies not only provide opportunities to make writing public, but also cause us to rethink our definitions of composition and literacy.  In a conversation with Julie Johnson of Raising Readers and Writers, we will share our journey in revisioning choice in our workshops at the first ever conference of the Columbus Area Writing Project.  This collaborative effort with the Literacy Connection will also feature speakers Troy Hicks, Sonia Nieto, and Asma Mobin-Uddin.  Our slideshow (hopefully with links embedded) follows:

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  1. What inspiring writers you have in your room! Thanks for sharing the gifts from your "Perfect Storm" first with your students and then with educators globally! This is such a great time to be in education…all the possibilities for learners!
    So happy you are among the pioneers to bring these ideas to life!