Friday, August 5, 2011

So You Don't Have a Blog: 10 Ways to Still Join August 10th Event

Wednesday, August 10th, is our second annual picture book event.  Last year nearly 40 blogs joined the conversation by sharing their favorite 10 picture books.  This year looks to be full of great posts, but what if you want to participate and you don't have a blog?  

A few suggestions:
  1. Start a blog (or resurrect an old one):  You know you've been thinking about it and this is the perfect time to get started.  
  2. Comment on one of our blogs:  You can leave a comment with your favorite picture books on Enjoy and Embrace Learning or Reflect & Refine:  Building a Learning Community (or any other participating blog).  
  3. Tweet your favorites:  If you have a Twitter account you can tweet your favorites using the hashtag #pb10for10 on the day of the event (Wednesday, August 10th). 
  4. Join Posterous*:  Posterous has a simple format that will allow you to share your books, and other thoughts, quickly.  
  5. Attach your list to your Wiki*:  If you already have a wiki, just put your list there.  
  6. Make a Glog*:  Sure, why not. 
  7. Use Wallwisher* for your favorites:  Add a post-it for each of your favorite 10 books and easily create links to books. 
  8. Create a Listmania* on Amazon:  I'm sort of a Listmania nut.  The great thing about Listmania is everyone will easily be able to quickly purchase books off of your list.  ;o)  
  9. Create a Google.doc:  Just type your list in a Google.doc and publish it to the web. 
  10. Surprise us!:  Oh, I love surprises and there are probably a million more ways to publish your list.  How fun is that?? 
*I think I will be able to add these formats to our collection of posts on JogtheWeb.  I love a challenge.

You can see we are quite flexible in this event.  We really just want an opportunity to talk about picture books.  Is there a better way to get excited about the new school year?  If you have other ideas about how to publish your list feel free to share them in the comments --- or surprise us on August 10th.  Whatever you decide, remember to comment with your link on one of our blogs or tweet it using the #pb10for10 hashtag.  I can't wait!  (Oops, I better get busy on my list!  I'm such a procrastinator.)

I hope you've been saving your money because you won't be able to resist purchasing a few titles. 


  1. omg THANK YOU for the link to wallwisher. that thing is so cool and will allow me to interact with students without making them sign up for some crazy service.


    My #10for10pb. SO many delightful, fun books to read and play with.

  3. Slightly late to the party, but...