Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Join Our Blog Bookchat

"Conferring" Book Blog Chat

Working your way through your professional reading stack?  Wishing you could chat with someone about all you are reading and thinking? Join us for a blog book chat about Patrick Allen's book, Conferring:  The Keystone of Reader's Workshop.

Recently a cyber-conversation between Jill Fisch (Summer Reading), Laura K (Summer Reflection and PD), and me (What Are You Learning?) spun wildly out of control into a plan for action.  As we realized we had a few common books in our professional reading piles we decided we would learn so much more if we could talk together about the book as we read.  We thought we'd learn even more if we could get more educators to join us.  

We decided to try a blog bookchat - a cyper-chat of sorts.  Recently I had hoped to participate in a professional reading party started at PreK pages (you might want to check out "Literacy Beginnings Party").  I thought it was a terrific idea, and a similar plan might work for us.  We wrestled with how best to share our thinking and have a conversation.  Here's the plan (and we are hoping you'll join the conversation):  

July 6th:
Part I:  What Brings About a Good Conference, Anyway?
Hosted here at Reflect and Refine

July 13th:
Part II:  What Are the Essential Components of Conferring?
Hosted by Jill Fisch at Primary Passion 

July 20th:
Part III.  What Emerges from Our Reading Conferences?
Hosted by Laura K at Camp Read-A-Lot

July 21st:  
Join us for the final conversation on Twitter using the hashtag #cyberPD.  

Read Jill's post 
Read Laura's post

How to Participate:
On your blog:  As you read each section of the book, write a post to reflect on your reading.  Then link the post on the event date to the hosting blog in the comments section.  Your link will then be moved into the hosting post.  

In the comments:  No blog -- no worries -- you can join the conversation by commenting on the host blog.

Twitter:  Comments along the way, applicable links, and other information can be tweeted with the hasthag #cyberPD.

To Purchase the Book:
Conferring:  The Keystone to Reader's Workshop  Click the "preview online" button to read sample
at Stenhouse (an eReader version is available here as well)
at Amazon (a Kindle version is available here)

So grab a comfy seat, your favorite cool drink, and your book.  Then join us for this learning adventure.  


  1. Hmm… great book, a comfy chair, a cold beverage- and the best part is-great conversation with amazing thinkers, I'm in! What a great idea, look forward to chatting and improving my conferring skills!

  2. You have a way to make things spin wildly out of control! This has been in my kindle cart for some time. I'm in!

  3. Deb,
    So glad you are joining us! I'm trying to talk Carolyn into it as well. Now we'll be ready to go back to school and improve our conferring.


  4. Mandy,
    It's the people I interact with that always get me in way over my head. :o) Actually, I love the way Twitter/blogs allow us to collaborate across the miles. I learn so much. I'm so glad you are joining us.

    This will get us ready for August's event: Picture Book 10 for 10 (#pb10for10). Don't ask me how it will help us prepare, but it sounded good.


  5. Cathy,
    Sounds like a great idea. I'll look forward to participating and reading/hearing what others have to say.

  6. Relationship, Relationship, Relationship! How you build that Relationship comes in various styles an packages....AND the most go lden part is to know your learners, respect your learners and their processes AND make sure yours learners know this.


  8. OK, one of those crazy busy days where what you think is going to happen at 6 am actually occurs closer to 6 p.m., but I finally got five minutes to get my post written. So excited, after I pick up my car from the shop, to spend some time reading everyone's posts about conferring. Thanks for hosting this today, Cathy!