Saturday, January 1, 2011

It's a New Year and I've Lost My Mind

Well, this is a post I hadn't planned to write. No. I sat down to my computer with thoughts of writing my resolutions for a new year. It seemed simple enough. My daughter was on the couch finishing a book. My husband was in the recliner watching football. It was the perfect plan. I could sit with my laptop in the living room and write this post.

Of course, I was on Twitter. My resolution should probably be to seek help for my Twitter addiction. I guess knowing you have a problem is the first step.

So I'm pondering my resolutions and watching the Twitter feed. Soon they start to appear: 365 photo challenges. I've thought about these before. I always enjoy Mary Lee's photo mosaics at A Year in Reading, as well as the 365 day photos I see tweeted on Twitter.

The tweets continued. (You can read below to find some that were pivotal in my decision.) Finally I received this tweet:

Homework Dog
@ Did you decide which group to join? Re: Pic a day

It turns out this resolution post will be about a new and crazy goal I have for myself. I'm joining the 365 day challenge.

So for now...

I'm joining the Flickr 365 challenge. I'm still thinking about a blog to keep the photos. Yes, it's a new year and I've lost my mind.

Photo Challenges
There was this 2011/365 challenge on Flickr (Sorry, I can't remember who first tweeted this; maybe @steelepierce).

There was this 365 Project tweeted by @teachingwthsoul.
Lisa Dabbs
And so it begins...Project Life:365:

Photo Tweets
Library Girl
by dmcordell
Yay! I took advantage of the 70' weather 2 take my 1st pic at the beach. Thx 4 making it bett

Katy Gartside
joined 365-2011 on flickr - this yr hope to do better than last!

Linda Clinton, Ph.D.
So, I'm gonna try this #365 thing...

Photo Blogs

Jenea Midgett

Jill Fisch
@ I also used more than one picture on many days. It became like a gratitude journal or memory blog:

Tyson Seburn
begins on my personal blog!

This one too, but unfortunately I lost the original tweet that took me to it.

Photo Tips
Kelly Hines
Doing a project? Here are some neat ideas

@ There are many 365 groups - I belong to three! You can create a flickr badge for your blog to display your photos.


  1. You are too funny! But this promises to be a lot of fun! I'll look forward to seeing your product (either final or as you go) Enjoy!

  2. Oh good...I look forward to seeing these! (A photo calendar would be a great gift for all of your loved ones next year.) Have a blast living like a photographer, and congrats on taking the plunge. A.

  3. You have lost your mind, I love it! Sounds fun.

  4. I am not sure how you do all you do but, I am happy to follow your madness! Good luck~ I am sure it will be fabulous!